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Pitch A Tent! Camping Spots in Fujairah

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Camping in Fujairah

Fujairah is one of the great tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates. Camping in Fujairah is increasingly gaining popularity because of the scenic beauty of the landscape as well as the backdrop of the sea.The coastline of Fujairah is especially very popular with those visiting UAE because of the beauty of the Gulf of Oman and the mountainous landscape of this emirate. Swimming spots are easily accessible along the city’s coastline and you can either use the free beach area or use the facilities of your hotel in Fujairah UAE that has a beach property

Camping Fujairah

It can get cold, but it’s worth it!

Should you decide to set up camp in Fujairah overnight, you would need to carry warm clothing because it gets very cold at night. This can be attributed to the desert environment that is Fujairah.

However, in the morning you can be sure of an enjoyable swimming session because the seawater gets very warm during this time. It is highly suggested that you travel to the camping site on a 4-wheel drive because the terrain is sandy and any other vehicle would probably be stuck.

Family Camping in Fujairah

Fujairah hotels? Pff! This is called luxury!

The beauty of camping in Fujairah is that you can camp anywhere along the beach, although there are also a couple of private beaches belonging to some hotels in Fujairah. These hotels can also come in handy and they will provide you with useful information as to where the best camping spots are found.

The Snoopy Island area is also very good for swimming as well as enjoying the magnificent view of the area. You should also take note that even though the beaches are not restricted, some mountainous areas are either regulated or have entry restrictions. With all this great time, I suggest you take a night to camp in Fujairah next time you are in UAE.

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