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Have fun in the sun on some of Kuwait City’s best beaches

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Have fun in the sun on some of Kuwait City's best beaches

Even as you’re booking your Kuwait hotel, you may still not even think much of Kuwait past the country that Sadaam Hussein was invading in the ‘90s. Oh, how wrong you are.

Sure, Kuwait had a big part in the Gulf Wars, but the country is actually a pretty liberal one for the region and has some pretty cool things to see and do if you’re interested in visiting while on a Middle Eastern vacation.
But, perhaps most secret is the fact that Kuwait has some pretty killer beaches! So, treat yo’self to a nice tan at one of the best beaches Kuwait has to offer. Read on to learn more.

You might want to note that tanning yourself on a public beach may not be the best idea, but feel free to worship the sun if your beach is attached to a hotel or club. Luckily, there are so many wonderful hotels and resorts that dot the Kuwait coastline, so you’re bound to stay at a hotel with a killer private beach. There are many beaches along the Persian Gulf where you can sit and enjoy the sun and the water.

There are a number of popular beaches in Kuwait, including the Scientific City Beach. This beach is perfect to visit if you’re looking for a fun day in the sun with walks, picnics, and perhaps some frolicking in the park. Hit up the 3D cinema when you’re body gets burnt to a crisp, but before you head indoors, check out the fishing pier and the aquarium. The Discover Place is also the perfect destination for those with kiddos to entertain. Another awesome beach to check out is the Messilah Beach, which is a private but popular beach. Ladies Days are Mondays, Wednesday, and Saturdays, when you can enjoy traditional performances and dancing with, you guessed it, ladies only!

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