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Finding the Best Deals on Holidays in the Seychelles

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Seychelles vacation

Few travel destinations offer the kind of natural beauty and a feeling of luxurious remoteness as the Seychelles. This Indian Ocean archipelago contains some of the most secluded and exclusive accommodations found anywhere on the globe. The average price for rooms, suites or villas in this idyllic tropical locale are not what would normally be considered in the budget range, but there are some reasonably-priced resorts and hotels found here.

By incorporating money-saving discounts and package deals, off-season travel and advance bookings, a fabulous Seychelles need not be out of the reach

Another way to make your Seychelles retreat more affordable is to consider renting a bungalow, a room in a guesthouse or a private apartment. There are several websites offering daily, weekly and even longer-term rentals. Booking outside of the peak season is the best way to secure lower-priced accommodations. The peak tourist months in the Seychelles are December, January, July and August, but the weather is mild year-round and any month on the calendar is a good time to visit.

Among the best deals found on the various inhabited islands are La Rousette on Mahe Island, Isles de Palmes on Praslin Island and Mango Lodge, also on Praslin. Even some of the more exclusive hotels and resorts offer some attractive packages and discounts. For instance, the Seychelles Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa provides discounts of up to 20% off rooms and suite prices with advance bookings and offers a Romantic Island Tour package which includes a picnic basket for two, beach towels, snorkeling equipment and transportation to your choice of several breathtakingly scenic locations while you are visiting the Seychelles.

An affordable Seychelles holiday is not an impossible dream if you plan in advance and research the various possibilities. Even if you’re not independently wealthy, a trip to this tropical paradise is likely to be within your holiday budget and is well worth whatever extra you might be required to spend.

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