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Are There Affordable Seychelles Accommodations?

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Who doesn’t want to go to the Seychelles? I mean, what’s not to love, right? This group of secluded islands in the Indian Ocean are about as close to tropical paradise as you will ever get, and they’re much closer to Europe than Tahiti or Hawaii.


Marvellous beach on Seychelles

And honestly, Tahiti and Hawaii are overrated and overrun. The Seychelles are small enough, remote enough and pristine enough to make them a very desirable choice for travellers in the know. The fishing is fantastic, the beaches are world-class, the scenery is magnificent, the food is almost unbelievably good.

The only problem is that Seychelles hotels can be quite expensive, not to mention the cost of flying to the islands in the first place. So, in truth, the Seychelles can’t really be considered a budget holiday destination, but – there are ways to make a trip there more affordable. The big island called Mahe is the most developed and populated and that’s where you can find the most choices for reasonably-priced accommodations.

Guest Houses

Fabulous guest houses are scattered across the islands

The best deals are usually at the small guest houses scattered across Mahe and some of the other islands. It’s possible to find accommodations for well under 100 euros per night in some of these establishments, which technically is in the budget range, if you can afford the flight there. Some of these guest houses are very basic, but most are run by friendly staff and in a place like the Seychelles, you’ll probably not want to spend too much time in your room anyway. There are way too many other things to do.

La Digue Island

Looks like a paradise to me…

La Digue and Praslin Island also offer several choices for cheap guest houses, and many people prefer these smaller and less-developed islands. Some of the lowest prices we have found happened to be on these two islands, with the relatively cheap island-hopping options (planes, boats, ferries), getting to these islands from Mahe, where the international airport is located, is not a problem.

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