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Along the Shore of Seychelles

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Seychelles Shore

Seychelles is made of 115 islands. Rock and granite with plenty of coral to whiten up the sands, you’ve got a a lot of beaches to choose from. How do you go about narrowing down the plethora of beaches to just one? Let’s be honest, you don’t really have to. Just pick one. You’ll find yourself saying over and over again, this is the most beautiful beach you’ve seen in your life. But Internet research shows people love lists, and we’ve got the know how, so here goes.

Anse Lazio Beach

Yes, this is the place you want to spend the rest of your life in.

What do the beaches in your dreams look like? They look like the beach of Anse Lazio. Oh, there needs to be more copy? Okay, editors get what editors want. There are no words in enough languages to describe this beach. Found at the end of a long and winding trail, this slice of paradise is the perfect harmony of white sand, azure water, and visual spectacle. Walled in by granite shelves, this strand of otherworldly white is consistently listed as one of the top ten beaches in the world. Not Africa. Not the Eastern Hemisphere. The world. Calm waters, perfect sun, flora and fauna in abundance, restaurants near by, this is the beach destination to end all beach destinations.

Surfing Seychelles

You may not catch that one huge wave, but you’ll get enough to practice on.

For those with their surf board in tow, Grand Anse is as good as surfing gets in Seychelles. Admittedly, if you’re an elite wave shredder, these islands, due to geographic location, do not have the best surfing in the world. On the other hand, if you’re a novice or first timer looking to get up on the swells, this beach is ideal. Not the best beach for swimmers as there is a strong undertow, even if you don’t have a board, a romantic walk will be one to remember.

Snorkeling in Seychelles

No picture can portray what you can see beneath the waves. You just have to see for yourself.

If you’re the sort who likes to strap on their goggles and breathing apparatus, Sunset Beach is a snorkling must. The island is heavily surrounded by coral, but this beach is special for a few reasons. First, turtles. Turtles abound in this particular area and where coral and schools of fish are a huge part of any snorkeling adventure, these are turtles. Just turtles swimming and doing their thing. Second, Sunset Beach is near many a great hotel in Seychelles. There is nothing quite like a midday break in the comfort of your accomodations. Finally, as the name implies, after a long day of snorkeling with so many underwater friends, you can take in a sunset. With bands of pink and gold and lavender, even the best camera in the world cannot do it justice. Good thing our eyes are better than the best high definition technology.

The beaches of Seychelles are too many to list, but here is a good starting point. Each as beautiful as the last, you can’t really go wrong, but if you’re after water sports, a deep dive, fishing, or any other sort of beach fun, Seychelles is the paradise you’re looking for.

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